Wifi Access

We have arranged wi-fi login and passwords for visitors. If you have any questions please contact the conference desk where the details are kept.

Printing of posters

A new shop has opened in the same venue as where the poster session is being held. It is possible to have A1 posters printed at a cost of £10.00. It would take around 10 minutes to print out, subject to how the busy they are. You may like to contact the manager (Trevor) beforehand and e-mail the artwork if you can.

Check the print shop, Teviot Print

Poster size should be maximum A1 or 594 x 841 mm/ 23.4 x 33.1 inches.

In Microsoft Word: for information, A1 equals 8 sheets of A4

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

In Powerpoint: set the page size to 59 cm x 84 cm and this is roughly the required size. You can then add the text and design the poster. A sample is available to download.

The design in landscape or portrait is acceptable. Boards can be adjusted but to save time it is worthwhile to have the poster printed as an A1. Pins will be provided.

The content of the poster should cover: the broad theme; the actual finding; the way it was obtained. Poster presenters are required to be available for Q&A during the poster sessions. Lunch will be organised nearby.


Click here for the Scotrail website.

Expenses claims

for for those with funded spaces, download the forms


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