About Us

The SIRE Exective submits annual reports to the SFC outlining activities and developments. To view any of these reports please download the following documents.

SIRE report 1 (July 2007-Jan 2008)

SIRE report 2 (Oct 2007-Sept 2008)

SIRE report 3 (Oct 2008- Sept 2009)

SIRE report 4 (Oct 2009-Sept 2010)

SIRE report 5 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011)

SIRE report 6 (Oct 2011-Sept 2012)

SIRE report 7 (Oct 2012-Dec 2013)

SIRE report 8 (Oct 2013-Sept 2014)

SIRE final report 2016

SIRE final report addendum 2016

The SIRE Mission

  • To develop and sustain a reputation for internationally excellent research in major fields of economics, building around and beyond existing strengths, enabling economics in Scotland to compete effectively in the global academic market place.
  • To attract high quality graduate students to Scotland, consolidating and enhancing the growing success of the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE), and building the next generation of research leaders by attracting and developing high potential young researchers at PhD and junior lecturer level.
  • To foster and disseminate high quality economics research among all economists in Scotland.
  • To contribute to the quality of policy-related and other research activities, by providing a forum for interaction between fundamental researchers and policy/applied researchers and through knowledge transfer and CPD activities.

SIRE is Open to All

Participation in SIRE activities and events is not exclusive to the partner group of Universities. Economics researchers and those with an interest in economics research are strongly encouraged to collaborate with SIRE, whether from within the University or in the public/private sectors.

SIRE Visitors Programme

SIRE funding is available to support travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for short term visits (e.g. one to two weeks) to SIRE. Office space, IT facilities and support services are also provided, subject to availability. Since funding and space are limited, preference will be given to visitors whose interest cohere with or span SIRE programme themes. Longer term visits, linked e.g. to a semester or year-long sabbatical, are also encouraged.

SIRE Administration

The administrative centre of SIRE is based at the Universityof Edinburgh, where Executive Director Stuart Sayer is based. In addition to its administrative and co-ordinating functions, the SIRE Centre organises and host events and activities which exploit exciting synergies that span across SIREs three thematic research programme. Activity reports covering recruitment and highlights of all the event are now available to download.