SIRE Pool Engagement in European Research
SIRE Early Career Engagement Grant

Although the main SIRE activities budget has now been exhausted SIRE has continued to be given an annual PEER award that is designed to help academics in Scotland obtain more research funding from Europe.  The money is intended to be used to meet some of the costs of travel, staff time, admin etc.  involved in building European networks which might potentially lead to a funding bid under the EU Framework programme.  To date we have maintained a very good track record of spending PEER funds which has enabled us to attract supplementary PEER funding recycled from the underspent funds of other pools.

We have PEER funding as follows:

£13,334 is available covering eligible expenditures from August 1st 2015 to July 31st 2017. This extra tranche will need to be spent by 31st of July 2017. Requests for funding should, in the first instance, be submitted to, by e-mail before the deadline of 30/1/2017.

Please check this link for all information.

SIRE welcomes applications from early career researchers including PhD students, postdoctoral research fellows and junior academics (this is broadly interpreted) to support high quality research that involves a significant element of engagement with a non-academic organisation in the public or private sector in UK or abroad.  

By way of examples, the research might involve:

  • spending time in some organisation such as the Scottish Government, HM Treasury or World Bank gaining some knowledge of the policy context behind research into certain policy initiatives;
  • spending time in a company or policy-making body accessing specialist data that is not publicly available;
  • setting up field experiments in conjunction with a government or NGO in a developing country.


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