SIRE Forum for Young Researchers

The Forum brings together young researchers from across Scotland and across all of the research areas encompassed by SIRE to meet and discuss economics research. The aim is to develop a shared understanding of what research they are each doing, and foster the development of joint research. Each meeting consists of a half a day event with presentations given by junior researchers from Scottish universities and one presentation by an internationally recognized senior researcher.

University of Strathclyde - 18 March 2015

Celine Azemar (University of Glasgow) and Rodolphe Desbordes (University of Strathclyde) will organise the next SIRE Young Researchers Forum. The purpose of this Forum is to bring together researchers from across Economics Departments in Scotland.

The SYRF will take place on 18 March 2015 in the new Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) building.

The Forum will start at 2pm and end at 6 pm. It will be followed by a dinner.

2.15-3pm:  Grant Allan, Gary Koop, Stuart McIntyre (University of Strathclyde) and Paul Smith  “Nowcasting Scottish GDP Growth”

3-3.45pm: Alessia Campolmi (University of Glasgow) and Stefano Gnocchi “Labor Market Participation, Unemployment and Monetary Policy”

3.45-4pm: Coffee break.

4-5pm: Raouf Boucekkine (Aix-Marseille University) “An AK theory of growth and financial liberalization”.

5-6pm: Lionel Fontagne (University Paris I) and Gianluca Santoni “Firm Level Allocative Inefficiency: Evidence from France”

The room that we have booked can hold 30 people maximum. Hence, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Finally, for the dinner, in addition to the speakers and organisers, six other people will be invited, on a first-serve basis.

Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

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University of Edinburgh - 25 October 2014

SIRE is pleased to announce the next SYRF meeting on Friday 25 October which will take place at the School of Economics, 31 Buccleuch Place, University of Edinburgh.

Final Programme

12.30-1.15    Lunch
1.15-2.15    Robert Zymek (Edinburgh) - Input Trade over the Cycle
2.15-3.15  David Comerford (Stirling) with Nicholas Myers (Edinburgh) and José V. Rodríguez Mora (Edinburgh) Measuring Costs and Benefits of Independence
3.15-3.45  Coffee break
3.45-4.45 Xiaoshan Chen (Stirling) with Tatiana Kirsanova (Glasgow) and Campbell Leith (Glasgow) How Optimal is US Monetary Policy?
4.45-5.45 Keynote speaker: Thijs van Rens (Warwick) with Benedikt Herz (Pompeu Fabra) Accounting for Mismatch Unemployment
6.30- Dinner


Participation in this event is free but registration is required. Please book a delegate space online via this link

A dinner will be held in a local restaurant for which attendance is optional and subject to spaces available.

Expenses and accommodation
A second class rail fare can be claimed by academics and PhD students affiliated to an economics department in Scotland. Expenses accompanied by original receipts must be received before the end of December 2013. A form will be made available to make a claim.
A limited number of hotel rooms are available. Note that only delegates living in Aberdeen will be entitled to overnight accommodation.  Booking of a delegate space is not a guarantee of a hotel room but the organiser will try and accommodate when requested. For any other requests, please contact the organiser.

Please contact for any questions with regards to the programme.

For any information with regards to logistics, please contact Gina Reddie, SIRE administrator, University of Edinburgh, Room 3.04, 31 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9JT (


SIRE March 2013 event in Edinburgh

The last meeting took place in Edinburgh on 8 March 2013 on the topic of Labour Economics.

The final programme included input from Yu Aoki (Aberdeen), David Comerford (Stirling) and Georgios Panos (Stirling) in addition to keynote speaker Prof Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh)

Download the final programme

University of Strathclyde

The last meeting took place at the University of Strathclyde with guest speaker Professor Farid Toubal (ENS Cachan and Paris 1) who presented the paper “Native Language, Spoken Language, Translation and Trade”.

Additional input from:

  • Arjunan Subramanian (University of Glasgow): Reliability of agricultural statistics in developing countries: Reflections from a comprehensive village survey on crop area statistics in India.
  • Stephan Heblich (University of Stirling): E-Lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet

Check Forum website

Download the flyer with all the available information.

University of St Andrews

The event was organised by Fabio Arico (St Andrews). It comprised three main presentations:

  • Joao Jalles (Aberdeen) “Cross-country Evidence on the Quality of Fiscal Forecasts”;
  • Stephan Heblich (Stirling) “From Russia with Love - The Impact of Relocated Firms on Incumbent Survival”
  • Gianni De Fraja (Leicester) “Exclusive Nightclubs and Lonely Hearts Columns: Non-monotone Participation in Optional Intermediation”

The event attracted 24 participants (a mix of young faculty and PhD students) from Dundee, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews, Stirling, Strathclyde and Leicester

University of Glasgow

The second meeting of the Glasgow series was held on the 1st of May 2012 with Professor Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford) giving a talk entitled "Do the Biggest Aisles Serve a Brighter Future? Global Retail Chains and Their Implications for Romania" (co-authored with Yue Li).

The young researcher presentations were given by:

  • Dr. Marina Spaliara (University of Glasgow): "Financial health, exports, and firm survival: Evidence from a panel of UK and French firms" (co-authored with Holger Görg).
  • Dr. Rodolphe Desbordes (University of Strathclyde): " Market familiarity and the location of South and North MNEs" (co-authored with Celine Azemar, Julia Darby and Ian Wooton).

The full programme is now available to download.

University of St Andrews

This meeting took place at the University of St Andrews on 16 November 2011, with guest speaker Gianni De Fraja. Additional junior input was from Stephan Heblich (Stirling) and Joao Jalles (Aberdeen).

Check the programme with details of the presentations

University of Glasgow

3 May 2011

Invited speakers:

  • Michael Devereux (University of Oxford), "Options for taxing banks after the crisis"

SIRE presenters:

  • Giuseppe de Feo (University of Strathclyde), "Is competition for FDI bad for regional welfare?"
  • Yin Zhang (University of Dundee), "Trade, growth and the environment"

Heriot-Watt University

18 February 2011

Invited speaker:

  • Jonathan Thomas (University of Edinburgh) "The wages of new hires over the business cycle"

SIRE presenters:

  • Almos Talegdy (CEU Budapest and Hungarian Academy of Sciences) "FDI and Wages:  Evidence from Hungary using LEED"
  • Ioana Moldovan (University of Glasgow) "The Stabilizing and Distributional Effects of Automatic Stabilizers"

11 March 2011

Invited speaker:

  • Bereket Kebede (University of East Anglia) "Of love and deadly sins: Experimental games in development research"

SIRE presenters:

  • Silvia Mendolia (University of Aberdeen) "Maternal working hours and the well-being of adolescent children"
  • Dennis Petrie (University of Dundee) "When to Quit Under Uncertainty? A real options approach to smoking cessation"

University of Aberdeen

18 September 2010 (held in Edinburgh)

Invited masterclass:

  • Rosemarie Nagel, Barcelona: Part One "Four Treasures in Experimental Economics", Part Two "Things to do in Neuro-economics"

SIRE presenter:

  • Tatiana Kornienko (Edinburgh) "How Long is a Piece of String? A Theory of Reference-Dependent Utility"

29 October 2010

Invited speaker:

  • Simon Gaechter, Nottingham "Do Incentives destroy voluntary cooperation? (with Esther Kessler and Manfred Koenigstein)

SIRE presenters:

  • Fabio R Arico, St. Andrews "Two-sided endogenous heterogeneity and matching frictions. Subsidise technology or skills?"
  • Giuseppe De Feo, Strathclyde "Tax Competition for FDI and Undesired Effects of the Non-Discrimination Principle".

University of Edinburgh

10 February 2010

Invited speaker:

  • Professor Amrita Dhillon (Warwick) “Corporate control and multiple large shareholders”

SIRE presenters:

  • Dr Martin Jones (Dundee) “On the autonomy of experiments in economics.”
  • Dr Daniel Danau (St Andrews) “Capital structure and contract renegotiation with private firms in public projects.”

5 May 2010

Invited speaker:

  • Professor Imran Rasul (UCL), who unfortunately was unable to attend due to flight cancellations. Dr Santi Sanchez-Pages (Edinburgh) presented instead: “The interplay between biological features and social preferences.”

SIRE presenters:

  • Dr Philippe LeMay-Boucher (Heriot Watt) “Double, double toil and trouble: an investigation into witchcraft expenditures in the heartland of voodoo.”
  • Dr Dimitra Politi (Edinburgh) "The economic effects of micronutirent deficiency: evidence from salt iodization in the United States.”

University of Dundee

4 November 2009

Invited speaker:

  • Professor Andrew Street (York) “Getting out what we put in: how productive is the NHS?”

SIRE presenters:

  • Professor Sascha Becker (Stirling) “Catch me if you can: education and catch up in the industrial revolution.”
  • Dr Yin Zhang (Dundee) “Multidimensional measurement of poverty: an application to China.”

2 December 2009

Invited speaker:

  • Dr Gulcin Oskan (York), who unfortunately had to cancel due to illness. Dr Paul Allanson (Dundee) presented instead.

SIRE Presenters:

  • Dr Alex Trew (St Andrews) “Contracting institutions and growth”
  • Dr Paul Alagidede (Stirling) “Beyond unit roots: a close look at the net barter terms of trade for developing countries.”

University of Strathclyde

11 February 2009

Invited speaker:

  • Hylke Vandenbussche (Université Catholique de Louvain) “Heterogeneous Responses of Firms to Trade Protection”

SIRE presenters:

  • Alex Dickson (Strathclyde) “Of the Nature of Cournot Competition”
  • Gonzalo Forgues Puccio (St Andrews) “Can Foreign Aid Help Countries Escape from Poverty Traps?”

13 May 2009

Invited speaker:

  • Mark Schaffer (Heriot-Watt and SIRE) “Exogamy and the Evolution of Cooperation”

SIRE presenters:

  • Rodolphe Desbordes (Strathclyde) “Global and Diplomatic Political Risks and Foreign Direct Investment”
  • Ioana Moldovan (Glasgow) “Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Habits in Consumption”.

University of Stirling

30 September 2008

Invited speaker:

  • Professor Andrew Oswald (Warwick, Cornell and ESRC Professorial Fellow). “Happiness and Health and the Future of Economics”.

SIRE presenters:

  • Ian Lange (Stirling) “Contract Parameters’ Impact on Coal Prices”.
  • Helmut Rainer (St Andrews) “Good Intentions, Unintended Outcomes? The Effects of Tax-benefit Policy on the Behaviour of Divorced Parents.”

25 November 2008

Invited speaker:

  • Professor David Ulph (St Andrews and SIRE) “Too Much of a Good Thing? Some Thoughts on Charities.”

SIRE presenters:

  • Céline Azémar (Glasgow) “International Corporate Taxation and US Multinationals’ Behaviour: An Integrated Approach”.
  • Colin Jennings (Strathclyde) “A Model of Political Agency with Emotional Voters”


The inaugural Forum meeting took place at the University of St Andrews on the 22 February 2008, and was well attended by young researchers from around Scotland. At that time, the format of the meeting was different with one presentation per meeting, followed by three subsequent meetings.

Inaugural Meetings: University of St Andrews

22 February 2008 Santiago Sanchez-Pages (Edinburgh) 'The Emergence of Institutions'
14 March 2008 Luis Angeles (Glasgow) 'Economics and the Demographic Transition'
18 April 2008 Michael Finus (Stirling) 'Stability and Success of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations'
9 May 2008 Juergen Bracht (Aberdeen) 'An experimental study of information mechanisms in the trust game: Effects of observation and cheap talk'

After the St Andrews meetings it was decided to change the format: rather than having just one presentation from a junior researcher, the event became a full afternoon of discussion with presentations given by junior researchers from Scottish universities as well as one presentation by an internationally recognized senior researcher.