BIC 'Theory' Conference

Saturday 6 October 2012

PROGRAMME: including papers

9:25 Welcome (József Sákovics)

9:30 Klaus Schmidt (Munich) "A theory of ex post inefficient renegotiation"

10:45 coffee

11:00 S. Sánchez-Pagés (U. Barcelona/UoE) "The effect of within-group inequality in a conflict against a unitary threat"(joint with Maria Cubel)
Discussant: Colin Jennings (Strathclyde)

11:45 M. Costa-Gomes (Aberdeen) "Beliefs and actions in the trust game: Creating instrumental variables to estimate the causal effect"
Discussant: Michele Belot (UoE)

12:30 M. Mueller-Frank (Oxford) "The Efficiency of Social Learning in Networks with Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Agents"
Discussant: Alexandru Nichifor (St. Andrews)

13:15 lunch (in situ)

14:00 N. Vikander (UoE) "Advertising to Status-Conscious Consumers"
Discussant: Giuseppe de Feo (Strathclyde)

14:45 G. Gerasimou (St. Andrews) "Asymmetric dominance, deferral and status quo bias in a theory of choice with incomplete preferences"
Discussant: Takashi Hayashi (Glasgow)

15:30 coffee

15:45 P. Kircher (UoE) "Efficient Cheap Talk in Directed Search: On the Non-essentiality
of Commitment in Market Games"

Discussant: Alexander Kovalenkov (Glasgow)

16:30 Olivier Compte (PSE) "Modelling lack of knowledge through strategy restrictions: examples from auction and reputation models" (based on joint work with Andy Postlewaite). Note that this paper can be associated with "Simple Auctions", which deals with the auction application.

17:45 Closing words (John Moore)

18:15 Drinks and buffet dinner at Abden House (ticketed)

Additional Information for delegates:

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