What SIRE can do for you


SIRE is involved with the organisations of major events and activities:

  • Keynote seminars and public lectures by top international researchers
  • Regular mini-conferences
  • Policy-related and knowledge exchange events
  • Masterclasses
  • Thematic workshops

SIRE offers the promotion and co-ordination of events to encourage wider participation:

  • A regular (approx. monthly) e-mailshot containing news of major forthcoming events
  • A web-based diary of events
  • A Twitter update

SIRE can offer funding for travel and events:

  • Academics and PhD students from anywhere in Scotland will normally be offered travel support to attend SIRE events or engage in collaborative research activities within Scotland.
  • Provide funding to support an event. To be eligible for funding the event should provide ‘added value’ in line with the SIRE mission.
  • Limited funding is available to subsidise junior researchers attending conferences (since funding is limited, alternative sources should be explored before applying to SIRE).

Check the Support pages for further information.

SIRE can help reporting and disseminating of research and research-related achievements:

In addition to marketing forthcoming events, we would like the regular e-mailshot to link into a dynamic web-based newsletter reporting on recent events and highlighting major research and research-related achievements (e.g. major publications, major grants, invited lectures, major user engagement and knowledge exchange activities etc.).


SIRE can foster collaborative research and grant applications

To facilitate identifying and contacting potential collaborators, as well as the planning and marketing of events, we are building a database of economics researchers within Scotland.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. As SIRE develops and grows we will be able to do more. But we can’t do any of this alone.

To be effective SIRE needs your input.