What you can do for SIRE



Please do participate in SIRE events and exploit the opportunities provided to network with current or potential collaborators, or simply to discuss ideas with other researchers with cognate interests. The more of you that do this, the more effective it will be.

Forthcoming events

If you organise events, from regular seminars and workshops through to more major events, ensure that information is passed to the SIRE Administrator (info@sire.ac.uk) as early as possible. This greatly facilitates co-ordination and marketing. For more major events we would encourage you to consult with the SIRE Administrator in the early stages of planning, with the aim of avoiding clashes, and encouraging wide participation.

News about achievements

Ensure that information about major research and research-related achievements is fed to the SIRE Administrator. Ideally this should take the form of a short news item, akin to a press release. Don’t be shy about doing this – we need to celebrate our achievements.

Building an effective researcher database

To ensure that our database of economics researchers is effective it is important that it contains accurate and up to date information.

Make suggestions

We welcome suggestions and ideas for events and other developments, which further the SIRE mission.

if you have any questions please send an e-mail to info@sire.ac.uk or telephone 0131 650 40 66.